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What We Offer?

Starting with the General-election, to the State-assembly elections, local-body elections or even the by polls, we offer our unique political services and strategies to both individual candidates and political parties. Our Political strategy group India Copact team and the political workforce spread across each constituency and assembly-segments are always prepared and all buckled up to jump into the action to serve the clients appropriately.

Acknowledging our voters, crafting the pace, the tailor-made messages, branding, marketing, and placing them among the right voters, putting the accurate strategies in place and accomplishing the required results for our clients is our primary motto.

Political Strategies architected around the Constituency

The differentiation between the political needs and the game-plans of the rival political parties is vital, and the sole strength of Copact is based on the efficient election plan and the campaign management. Our projections imply that during the upcoming General-elections the fight for each Lok-Sabha constituency across the country will be multi-cornered and it would require heavy political strategizing that must be exclusively customized for each area.

The relentless efforts, and the political foresights of Political Strategy Group India will enforce the desired candidate to bag an astounding win in the contest. The accomplishment of the ultimate vision of the contestant and the Political Strategy Group India is sure shot with all the discipline in which the strategies are executed.

  1. Along with the proper breakdown of the set of themes, the on-ground and digital campaigning across the constituency would be carefully carried. The ground reality of the constituency, the micro-level economic, social, and financial issues and solutions will be considered while building the customized agenda and objectives of the candidate or the political
  1. The words that would reflect the emotions of the voters will be imprinted as slogans. The branding and the marketing of the candidate will be done efficiently on a wide pattern

Being the Game-Changer

The change originates from the fundamental communities of people, we are efficient at bringing the change in societies, by architecting the movements by engaging grassroots supporters, party-workers, donors, coalitions at local level and partners.

Any movement involving the betterment of people cannot be ignored. We make the visions of the common people and the political candidate meet and construct a political momentum for the political party’s needs. Political Strategy Group India’s resourceful workforce assists its clients in connecting and engaging their cause to the causes of those who can act as the most loyal supporters. Not just digitally, the Political Strategy Group India’s movement building political services helps the candidate’s campaign in that constituency to become larger, popular, and most importantly engaging on the ground too.

  1. Activation on the Grassroot-level
  2. Building the interaction with the donors
  3. Architecting the Coalitions
  4. Workforce’s active involvement in the Door to Door campaign across the
  5. Our unique Campaign package has the unusual capability of swinging at least 4% of the voters into the favoured candidate’s ballet

Database on our Fingertips

We equip our candidates with the efficient data about the diversity of voters and take forward a data oriented political campaign. With the help of our eminent software tools for profiling we ensure that the expected or the better results are delivered to our clients.


Micro-Voter Targeting

We educate ourselves about the beliefs, backgrounds, concerns, attitudes, and opinions of the voters, and send them the tailor-made messages through our Micro Voter Targeting technique. In this process, we build the connection between our clients and the voters, which will eventually help in increasing the voter base, mobilize voters, increase voter turnout and other favourable things.

Inbound and Outbound Election Marketing

Inbound Election Marketing:

We apply a blend of inbound and outbound election marketing techniques. The former builds and affluently raises the awareness and help in bagging voters. The inbound marketing hacks will assist the clients in connecting with the mass voters at one go. This involves creating a huge base of positive and impactful declarations, opinions, reviews.

  • Involves spreading the aesthetic, and informative e-brochures, messages on phone, blogs, banners, videos, speeches, e-pamphlets, e-manifesto for our clients on various digital media
  • An efficient Search Optimization is weaved around the client’s political reputation, identity to target the vote bank
  • Managing the candidate’s official websites, social media profiles, and working on assessing their relevancy on social media. Creation and maintenance of candidate’s websites and other social media profiles
  • Mining the data on the Internet
Outbound Election Marketing:

This form of marketing plays quite a vital role in countries like India. The Outbound marketing firmly ride the election campaigning and canvassing. We along with our prime contacts with some popular influencers, and radio events, radio speeches, print media,

including the classic flat installation ways, and banners will put in every code of effort to reach out to the common voters.

Human hands up demonstrating and holding banner and loudspeaker. Election Voting Poster. Vector cartoon flat illustration isolated

Managing the Crisis & Reputation

Associating with Politics is nothing less than standing on the cliff next to the sea. The equation of reputation for the politicians is structured around quite a sensitive memorandum. A speck of wrong bite from the plate can draw-in a huge trouble. In our extensive survey conducted on the fame and reputation of the most successful politicians, we noticed that even the strongest political figures had their recognition tainted, and eventually got side-lined due to their own unusual actions, errors, miscommunication, and wrong choice of words, gestures at the general public.

The same situation might be reflected on the digital and social media platforms if a single tweet goes wrong. Our workforce manages the ground reality, along with the digital media presence, and will efficiently sort out the crisis part of the politician, or his party during the prime time of the contest, including latter too.

Strategic Approach on Creating Content

With the subtle use of right words, phrases to be used in both campaign rallies as well as in online blogs, web pages, political speeches, digital and social media posts, our experts with their eminent knowledge on the content comes up with great marketing strategy. Before creating the content, a series of thorough ground level feedbacks, analysis and surveys are conducted. To spread and popularize the political phrases and speeches created for our clients, our workforce is stationed throughout the regions.


Positioning a Unique Brand Strategy

The way branding strategies are built for each politician vary according to their tenure, quality, and the kind of impact they have on their respective constituencies. Some are the first timers, while others have had their fair share of number of times they competed from certain constituency. With all the diverse stories, every politician requires a unique story based on their personality. And, most importantly, their stories should be told so well, that the voters respect the political party or the candidate for the aftermath they survived and excelled at their best.

Getting into the details, a story can be anything, starting from a message, name, speech, identity, or the party’s achievement. It must be noted that the voters do not like it very much to spend their time listening and going through the stories of every single candidate. This is where our Political Brand Positioning Strategies comes into play. These tales garner significance, loyalty, trust, and popularity only when they are narrated to the voters in the name of brand. Our workforce accompanied with the masterclass strategies work efficiently on making these stories reach the masses in the minimum time. We will not leave a stone unturned to implant the stories of our clients in the hearts and brains of people.

Enhancing the Digital and Social Media Presence

We are very much aware of the impact of the Internet on the election campaigns in India. It all started with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reign, there is never going back since then. There is an enormous number of youth and adults, the rural and urban sections of voters active on the Internet, we shape our strategies accordingly, and connect our clients with the respective public on the digital and social media platforms.

More than half of them spend a significant amount of time every day on the Internet. We ensure that the communication between the voters and our clients is evolving at a rapid attire. We accompany our dearest clients during the campaign tenure and post the results too.


Reconnecting Democracy